2019 Blazer

2019 Chevrolet Blazer | Capital Chevrolet

After a long break, the folks at Chevrolet are making a comeback with the iconic Blazer! This trendy SUV will be available here at Victory Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC in early 2019! The Blazer...continue reading

2019 Chevrolet Impala

2019 Chevrolet Impala | Capital Chevrolet

Looking for a full-size car in Wake Forest, NC? Look no further than the 2019 Chevrolet Impala, available here at Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC. Feel the exquisite luxury and sophistication...continue reading

Teen Driver

Teen Driver Technology | Capital Chevrolet

Its a sad reality that only 61% of high school students wear their seatbelts when riding with someone else, or that young drivers are much more likely to speed than older drivers. A staggering...continue reading

2019 Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy | Capital Chevrolet

Fuel Economy is always a big factor when deciding when to buy your next vehicle, but youre in luck - Chevrolet knows a few things about fuel economy. They boast the fact that many of their models are above the 30 MPG highway mark, and the fact that they are helping Chevrolet drivers everywhere save some money! With a Chevrolet, you can truly go the distance - and then some. So, what are some of the estimated MPGs of the most respected and well-known Chevrolet models in each vehicle...continue reading

2019 ZL1

2019 Camaro ZL1 | Capital Chevrolet

The 2019 Chevy Camaro ZL1 is the epitome of performance from a production vehicle from Chevrolet. Building upon the storied Camaro, the ZL1 muscle car takes it a step further, delivering mind-boggling...continue reading