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Teen Driver Technology | Capital Chevrolet

It’s a sad reality that only 61% of high school students wear their seatbelts when riding with someone else, or that young drivers are much more likely to speed than older drivers. A staggering 93% of teen drivers also blast their music at unsafe levels, making it hard to concentrate on the road and even hear sirens or horns that could prevent accidents. Let’s face it - teen drivers are dangerous and scary - but that’s where Chevy comes in. Chevrolet knows the dangers and issues that can arise when a teen is finally behind the wheel, which is why they offer their Teen Driver Technology, a built-in system available in a host of their vehicles. Teen Driver Technology makes the learning process for your teenager a bit easier and even provides you with an industry-first in-vehicle report card where you can discuss issues with your teen’s driving and give them great coaching for becoming a great driver. So, what are some of the ins and outs of this innovative and important technology from Chevrolet?

Let’s start by discussing some of the precautions and barriers you can set for safer driving. You can set speed alerts for your teen which gives off an alert if they supersede a preselected speed, and while we’re talking about speed, you can even set a speed limit so that the vehicle cannot travel faster than 85 mph. You can also set a volume limit so that music can only reach a certain volume, giving your teen driver awareness of others on the road, and an incentive to wear their seatbelt, the audio is muted until the front seat occupants are buckled in. Other safety precautions are automatically engaged like the Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert, and Forward Automatic Braking. We are not exaggerating when we say that this innovative technology from Chevrolet is saving lives.

So, how do you set Teen Driver Technology up in your Chevrolet? Easy. You’ll have to enter a PIN to access the Teen Driver menu in the available Chevrolet MyLink display and register a key. All your teen has to do is start the car with the registered key, and the system will boot up. Want to learn more? Stop by Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC today and set one of our expert team members to assist you in getting to know this system better. Your teens will thank you for it!

Source: Chevrolet