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Chevrolet has always been innovative, both in their technological developments, and in their car engineering. Chevrolet’s commitment to delivering top-notch quality and their heavy attention to detail are some of the qualities that we love to brag about here at Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC. To explore some of their innovative safety and tech features, visit us here! Here are some of their innovative efforts:

Chevrolet knows a few things about safety while on the road, which is why their cars are packed with both active and passive safety features to ensure the safest ride possible. However, they also know their biggest safety issue is people who use their phone while they are driving. To combat this, they’ve created an app for Android users called Call Me Out, which allows a pre-recorded message from a family or loved one play out every time the user handles their phone while driving. This is a simple, yet effective reminder to those who are tempted to use their phone while driving that there is much more at stake. To give even more incentive, the app has built in some friendly competition. Every time the user doesn’t handle their phone while driving, it rewards you in the app with points. So download the app, stay safe, and climb the leaderboard!

Connectivity is a big trend and luxury that is a part of the car manufacturing world, and it is no wonder that Chevy is the brand that has the most connected cars on the road today. Through their innovative efforts, they have given you the possibility to unlock, lock, start, and manage other parts of your vehicle all from your mobile phone. And with your phone connected to your car, pulling up your favorite playlist, getting directions to your favorite spot, or locating the nearest gas station have all become simple tasks, completed at the push of a button. The future is now! Partner with Chevrolet and experience the ease and luxury of driving a Chevy. Stop by our showroom today in Wake Forest, NC and let one of our sales staff walk you through the connectivity features of any of our Chevrolet vehicles!

Their innovative efforts do not stop there. Chevrolet is a company that is mindful of the future and the need for greener technology. This is the precise reason that they released the Chevrolet Bolt EV in 2010, which soon became the first affordable all-electric car to offer an approximated range of 238 miles off of a single charge! It is no surprise that Chevrolet is a leading contributor to greener vehicles as well. Stop by Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC today and experience this innovation in action for yourself! The time is now!

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