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Chevrolet Cares

Chevy Cares - How Chevy is Helping | Capital Chevrolet

Here at Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest, NC, we are proud to be Chevrolet people. Chevrolet not only is using their platform as a premier auto manufacturer for the betterment of the community, they are impacting lives forever, and have been through their community work for the last 100 years. Chevy is always seeking new ways to partner in the community and give back - here are a few ways Chevrolet has been caring for the community:

Chevrolet knows that the active kid is the successful kid; this is why they have invested heavily into youth sports, founding the Chevy Youth Baseball League and the Chevy Youth Soccer League in 2006 and 2010, respectively. They are passionate about the teaching kids the valuable lessons about self-esteem, and courage through youth sports. Not only that, but youth sports also equip kids with valuable skills like perseverance in the face of challenges, and how to work together as a team towards a common goal. Chevrolet’s goal is to prepare kids for their futures, and this is one simple way that their efforts are making a difference.

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. That is 1 out of 8 mothers, 1 out of 8 daughters, and 1 out of 8 women that are dealing with this tragic illness. The truth of the matter is that cancer will not treat itself, which is why Chevy has partnered with the American Cancer Society to assist in the fight against breast cancer. They have contributed nearly 10 million dollars to benefit breast cancer screenings, patient care, and further research into this disease that is claiming many lives. Chevrolet is not going to sit back and ignore the issue at hand, but willingly volunteers to come alongside these women and fight with them. The world needs more companies like Chevrolet who are willing to share their resources in the fight for life, and here at Capital Chevrolet we stand proudly behind the company who day after day chooses to stand on the front lines and fight.

Chevrolet also knows that freedom is not free, which is why they are a corporate partner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring our Heroes program, which has assisted over 500,000 veterans find jobs since its inauguration in 2012. Chevrolet also assists in athletic programs for wounded veterans, and has partnerships with nonprofit military organizations like Operation Homefront. Recognizing the heroism and cherishing the willingness of these men and women to fight for our country, Chevy is committed to standing by their side - no matter what.

Are you seeing a theme? Chevrolet is a voice for the hurting, a catalyst in building up future generations, and offers assistance to those in need. This is why Chevrolet offers disaster relief. Just recently, GM and Chevrolet donated 1 million dollars to relief efforts in Texas and Louisiana following the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Chevrolet knows heartbreak that follows these natural disasters and also wants to stand by the victim’s side. Not only homes and automobiles, but families are being broken by these events and this moves Chevrolet to action. There is a common theme in all of these endeavors: Chevrolet Cares. Is this a company you can stand behind as they venture into the hard places and give voices to the voiceless, restoration to the broken, and empowerment for the future? We at Capital Chevrolet can. Stop by Capital Chevrolet in Wake Forest today and learn more about Chevrolet, and test drive our fleet of Chevrolet vehicles and discover what makes Chevrolet a premier automotive company today.

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