Symptoms of Worn Brakes to Be Aware of

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Symptoms of Worn Brakes to Be Aware of

Taking care of components before the degenerate is the most crucial aspect of car care. Regular maintenance will help you rule out any snags or wear and tear and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Here are some symptoms of work brakes to be aware of –

Screeching noises
Screeching, grinding, squealing, and rubbing noises are the first indicators of damaged brakes. The rackets indicate that the brake pads and shoes require your immediate attention. As soon as you hear these sounds, avoid driving for long distances and take the vehicle to the nearest service center.

Vibrations and pulsations
While driving, if you feel a quiver or pulsation in the pedals or steering wheel, your car might not be in the best condition. Metal on metal rubbing in the rotors is what causes these vibrations. If left untreated, it can cost you heavily to have your brake parts replaced.

Extra pressure on brakes
If you notice that you are pressing on the car brakes longer or harder to slow down the car or bring it to a stop, it means that all is not well with the braking system. If you are applying more force than usual, the brake pads are most likely worn out. Do not ignore this issue, as too much load can cause your brakes to fail, and possibly result in a dangerous situation.

Burning smell
If you can smell a pungent, noxious smell emitting from your tires, do not drive the car any further. The brake parts must be wearing out due to excess friction, and the mixture of several odors can definitely be a cause for concern. If you detect this symptom, you can have your car towed to the nearest service station. It is best not to drive the vehicle under such conditions.

Brake warning light
Your car is equipped with a brake warning light to alert you in the case of any malfunctioning. If you notice the brake warning light to be on, visit your nearest service station and carry out a thorough inspection. Apart from these steps, make sure that you are practicing care while driving the car. Avoid excessive aggression while using the pedals and remember to cruise with the pace of the traffic.

Source: Chevrolet