Silverado Camera Technology

 Silverado Camera Technology

Silverado Camera Technology

As a pick-up truck, one of the main duties of the Chevrolet Silverado is to carry out efficient towing and trailering. While being strong and powerful enough to transport heavy loads weighing up to 12,200 pounds, the latest model is also equipped with several other driver assistance innovations that make trailering easier than ever.

The Chevrolet Silverado features camera capabilities that offer 15 unique views to ensure that your trailer is intact and aligned with your truck. Here is a list of the angles provided –

• Hitch view
With this feature, the driver can get a close-up view of the receiver hitch in order to ensure that the truck is properly aligned to the trailer.

• Surround-view
This camera angle offers a top-down bird’s-eye view of the truck’s surroundings.

• Rear top-down view
With this perspective, the driver can navigate through narrow spaces easily. It also shows the clearance distance between the truck bed and nearby objects.

• Bed view
The camera placed slightly above the truck bed allows the driver to identify fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitching as well as to check on cargo.

• Transparent trailer
This view allows the driver to quite literally see through the trailer and look out for any objects or vehicle tailing closely.

• Front camera view
The front camera allows the driver to adjust the vehicle while parking in narrow spaces.

• Pic-in-pic side view
The rear-side view and the rear-trailer view are shown simultaneously for better alignment.

• Rear camera mirror
This feature uses a camera to display the back of the vehicle in the rear-view mirror but with a less obstructed field of view than a regular mirror.

• Rear trailer view
This accessory camera allows the driver to display objects or vehicles that are approaching the truck from behind.

• Inside trailer view
The driver can install a camera inside the trailer to keep a check on the interior space.

• Five available parking views
While parking, the driver can use the following camera angles to monitor the positioning of the wheels and to maneuver tight spaces -'

  • Rear camera view
  • Front side view
  • Rear side view
  • Bowl view (3-D)
  • Top-down front view

The Chevrolet Silverado is already known for its incredible power and performance. These additional camera features make the Chevrolet Silverado a perfect choice for those looking to buy a pick-up truck.

Source: Chevrolet