Chevrolet Simplifies the Check-in with Vehicle Locate

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Chevrolet Simplifies the Check-in with Vehicle Locate

Chevrolet has a new mobile app feature that keeps family and friends connected. Called ‘Vehicle Locate’, the feature allows you to send automated text messages to your loved ones when your vehicle arrives at or leaves a destination. Part of the Chevrolet's mobile app, this new and improved feature replaces the ‘Family Link Service’, which wasn’t as comprehensive. With Vehicle Locate you can now pinpoint the location of the connected vehicle at any given time easing a burden of worry off your shoulder.

Great Options
When setting up Vehicle Locate, you are allowed to select boundary limits that range from 75 meters up to a 30-kilometer radius. Plus, you can also customize the app to choose who will receive notifications when the vehicle leaves or enters the specified location area. As many as 10 people can receive the designated boundary alert and each person must opt-in.

Why Vehicle Locate
Chevrolet has designed this app keeping in mind several different scenarios and customer requirements. The app will automatically send out a notification once the vehicle leaves or arrives at the designated location.

 The Connected Commuter – if you want to regularly notify your family and friends once you leave work, you don’t have to worry about texting anymore. The app sends out the message for you.
 The Concerned Parent – if you want to know whether your teenage son or daughter has reached school or left a designated area, you will automatically receive notifications when they do.
 The Helpful Truck Owner – if you are keen on keeping a tab of when the vehicle arrives at and leaves a destination, you will receive alerts.
 The Modern Dater - you might be apprehensive about meeting strangers. So by keeping your family and friends informed, you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that they will be notified about your whereabouts.

Regardless of which category you fall into, in today's worrisome world, Vehicle Locate is unquestionably indispensable. If your Chevrolet is a 2012 model or newer, you are eligible to apply for this handy feature. Just get in touch with the Capital Chevrolet dealership, and they will run you through the steps of setting it up.

Source: Chevrolet