Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology

 Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology

Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Technology

Teenagers are often so excited about driving their brand-new car that they ignore most safety norms that they're supposed to follow. Studies report that only 61% of high school students put on their seatbelts while riding with someone else. Moreover, teens are more likely than adults to speed carelessly and listen to extremely loud music while driving.

Chevrolet has introduced smart Teen Driver technology that works to monitor your child’s driving capabilities. The teen driver mode can be activated by a parent or guardian and may be unlocked with the help of a PIN code.

The brand has introduced the industry-first Buckle-to-Drive feature. As the name suggests, the driver will not be able to shift out of park unless they have put on their seatbelt. The latest feature audibly and visually alerts the teen behind the wheel to buckle up while driving as well.

The message ‘Buckle Seat Belt to Shift’ is flashed on the instrument panel. With this capability, the driver will not be able to move out of park mode for about 20 seconds until the seatbelt has been fastened. A pre-determined speed limit can be set up in the Teen Driver mode. Whenever the driver crosses the set limit, the car issues audible alerts to slow down the vehicle.

Another feature available with the Teen Driver technology is focused on enabling your teen to cut out distractions while driving. While in the Teen Driver mode, the software lowers the volume of the radio until the driver, as well as the front seat passenger, are buckled up.

With the help of the Teen Driver mode, parents can now keep track on their teen’s driving using a ‘report card’. This information card provides details of distance driven, maximum speed, the number of warnings alerted wide-open throttle ‘events’, forward collision alerts, and how many times the stability, traction, and antilock braking systems have been activated.

With the help of Chevrolet’s latest technology, teenagers can now actively take interest in practicing the correct safety measures while driving. Parents can also feel more assured about their child’s safety. Teenagers who practice precautionary measures will also be setting the right example for their peers.

Source: Chevrolet